Website Design Critique: Safeway Security Screens

About Safeway Security Screens

The company which is family-owned is based in Perth, Western Australia. Safeway Security Screens is a proud manufacturer and installer of security screens in Perth, both for residential or commercial use. The company website can be found at

Upon landing at the homepage of the website, the first thing you will notice is how white everything is. The white background is too striking compared to the small, black text and the red colours used every now and then for highlights. The logo of the company is located at the upper, left corner with colours black, white and red. This is the same colour scheme that can be found all throughout the website.

There is no need to scroll down to the bottom half of the homepage to know the products the company is offering. The header image has the links to the three different kinds of security screens that the company manufactures. Each link is headed to a page dedicated specifically for each kind. It contains all the information about the product and answers questions that clients might have regarding a specific type.

The About page of the website talks about a brief history of the business and how it started. It also tackles the mission and vision of the company as well as the warranty and guarantees it provide. The FAQ page, on the other hand, answers all the most common queries by first-time customers. Those who are interested to get a free quote will be able to do so by requesting through the call-to-action button located at every page.

The best thing about the website of the company is that it is easy to use and navigate. The purpose is clear and the products are well presented in their dedicated pages. There are also things that need improvement such as increasing the title size of the pages found in the menu, tweaking the layout or changing the background so that the homepage does not look too empty.

Customers who are looking for security screens in Perth would also want to know if the business has any social media accounts they can contact. It is recommended to link social media channels to the website to create a bridge to future clients.