Web Design Critique: Tiffany Brooks Interiors

First impression

A visitor will be greeted will lots of color but it is very impressive.  There is no question about the creativity and artistry of the web designer. In some sites, the use of too much color can overwhelm the visitor but in this site, the colors match with the theme of the site. The designer has made sure that the visitor will immediately recognize the site as a source for interior decoration services. This is more of a personal taste but the design seems successful.


One of the first things that you will notice is navigation that has been effectively placed on the top of the page with black text on white background. It is an exact contrast to the colorful image of the homepage. When you click on the about button, you will be greeted with a huge amount of information and colorful images about the interior designer. The pictures on the slideshow provide the visitor with more than enough information about the site and its owner. Navigation is simple and user friendly and the web designer has ensured that a visitor will continue on browsing the site because of the amount of information it provides.


Most of the problems of many websites is lack of information. A visitor often loses interest because there is nothing to offer aside from images. However, the Tiffany Brooks Interiors has come up with secondary pages that will satisfy the need for information. It tells the story of the design process in a very interesting manner. The secondary pages have been designed effectively with consistency and organization. Content is neatly categorized and presented in a white background that makes reading fairly easy.

The aesthetics is clean and current and goes well with the theme of the site. The design is responsive and the site works well on the smaller screen of a mobile phone. There is no question about the talent and expertise of the web designer and I am amazed at the efforts made to gather together a lot of interesting content for a visitor. It is a good piece of design work.