Web Design Critique: Zazzle

First impression

http://www.zazzle.com/shop is an online shop that specializes in gift solutions. The homepage is simple with an extensive use of white background so as not to distract the attention from the items on sale. A visitor will be greeted by 20% discount off on all orders with an overwhelming 60% off for Christmas items in July. The offer ends tomorrow which means that the visitor must hurry up to enjoy the discounts. Offering discounts to customers is one of the surest ways to gain interest from online audiences. While web design got this right, there is lots of room for improvement.


The navigation bar at the top of the page is simple and looks easy to use. Each of the sections is clearly segmented and it is very easy to search for gift items. This is duplicated in a nice and organized way further down the page. Navigation at the bottom of the page is decent but I would suggest a darker color for text on white background. When the site is accessed on a desktop, text in light blue color on a white background looks pretty easy to read but not when accessed on the small screen of a mobile phone. However, the responsive design of the site looks good on the mobile phone and the simple design encourages the user to continue on browsing.


Each of the sections is clearly defined and there is no reason why a visitor will get lost. Nothing on the homepage looks out of place because the web designer has ensured consistency in the design. However, the blue text on white background makes the site feel so unexciting. There is the feeling of looking at a blue sky with white clouds on a good day. It feels entirely wrong. Adding some more color will make the page more effective and interesting. The visuals are attractive enough but the white background fails to give them more emphasis. The design is too simple making it feel so lifeless. A few changes in color will help the site standout from the competition. Attractive colors when not overdone will always help in keeping visitors interested.