Web Design Critique: Sydney Morning Herald

When people look for news about king kong agency reviews or anything else, they want it delivered in the cleanest, most straightforward manner possible. Sydney Morning Herald’s site aims for that, with a simple, concise layout focused on delivering news as quickly as possible.

The site sports a blue-on-white colour scheme, prominently displayed on its main header, which has all the amenities one expects from the usual professional site; links to pages for easy navigation, with a special menu for specific categories with a search bar for those looking for something very specific, like king kong agency reviews, as well as a log in option and navigation. It also sticks to the top of the browser regardless of how far one scrolls down a page, allowing for easy navigation

Content itself is quite succinct, with text delivering information in concise paragraphs. There’s a lot of white background space within the site, so the colour from the text, images, and videos make them easy to focus on, though the grey font colour on some of the text means that they’re a bit harder to focus on than others.

Judicious use of visual media helps the site avoid being bland and colourless, as well as helping the make the content and the news be more digestible and interesting.

At the bottom of every page is the footer, which offers the same links that header does, providing more navigation options for those that need it. Additionally, this is where the Feedback button is located, for those who are invested enough to scroll down that much.