Web Design Critique: Novotel Bangkok

About Novotel Bangkok

Novotel Bangkok Suhumvit 20 is one of the leading hotel service providers in Bangkok which is located at the heart of the city. It is located close to the Sky Train and the MRT from the Sukhumvit station. It has a rooftop bar and an infinity pool. Reservations can be made at Bangkok Novotel website which we are going to critique now.

Image Sizes. In order for a website to load fast, the sizes of the images must be uniform. It is recommended to limit the different image sizes used. Uniformity with regards to the aspect ratio of each image is also important. Consider also how the images will look like when the webpage is viewed from another device with a different screen size. With the hotel’s website, image sizes have been limited to three and this does not cause any lag in the loading of the homepage.

Content. While web design is important, the content plays a vital role as well. The main reason why consumers visit a hotel’s website is to book or reserve a hotel room for their stay. This is why it is ideal that Novotel Bangkok has this option at the top part of the page. The user does not have to scroll down in order to enter their booking details. Right below is a brief description of how the website came to be and its mission and vision.

Design. For a hotel website, the overall the design is quite minimalistic. It is very clean with a plain, white background. The texts are also pretty simple without taking away the attention from the call-to-action button which is to book a room. The header used is actually an embedded video but it does not cause the page to load longer because it was not set to automatically start as soon as the page loads which is one of the most undesirable feature of most websites these days.

Overall, the design and content of Bangkok Novotel website is clean and very professional. All the important information is provided at the home page. The services, amenities and facilities provided by the establishment are also discussed at every page tab which is located at the top menu bar.