Web Design Critique: news.com.au

When people look for news about a King Kong agency review or the like, they want to get their news as cleanly and as quickly as possible.News.com.au got that message, with a clear focus on the news and accompanying imagery and visual aids, though they might skimp out on everything else.

The site’s header is clean, with the associated amenities one would expect from a modern site, with all the navigational conveniences. It’s omnipresent and easy to use, though not necessarily easy to differentiate from the rest of the page due to only being separated from the rest of the page with a little black bar.

Content is nicely handled, with good paragraph length and breaks accompanied with good visual aids like images and videos, which also do a nice job of contextualizing the articles and providing some colour and personality at the same time.

Personality. That right there is the most noteworthy thing about news.com.au; that is, it lacks any sort of personality. White space is important for any site, as it keeps the content easy to process, but news.com.au has too much of it.

Granted, news sites aren’t exactly about all the flash, but a good presentation does help a lot when contextualizing things and making information memorable. Without any colour, flash, or special headers or whatnot, information about anything, like King Kong agency review or the like, gets drowned out amidst the ocean of information on the internet.

There’s nothing wrong with news.com.au on a functional level; it works nicely. The lack of colour and personality, however, means that it feels utterly boring to look at most of the time.