Web Design Critique: https://www.illustratedmaps.com/services_InteractiveMap.html

The web page provides relevant information about illustrative 2D Maps service that creates 100% digital illustrated maps. The interactive map can be embedded into the website as a link or a fully functioning system in the server. The exciting news about this technology is the ability to modify, edit or update information, as needed.

Although the homepage is the first thing that a user will see when they visit the site, it does not mean that the other pages can be less appealing. The goal of the homepage is to convert while the other pages provide relevant information that the user seeks. The simple design of the web page highlights the message it wants to convey to visitors. Navigation is clear and user friendly so that users can find the information they need.

The web page answers all the most common questions about interactive maps like how they work, how the use 2D and 3D technologies in the illustrative versions of the maps. The information provided successfully responds to any questions that users ask.

A simple homepage design welcomes a visitor and invites them to explore the site with more depth. There is no clutter that will distract the attention of the visitor from the important message. While some web designers prefer to add some complexity, it usually makes the design less appealing because of the clutter.

Consumers who visit the website have one purpose – they want to gain information. The visitor is directed to the appropriate page through the navigation menu. The way the navigation menu is designed facilitates the search.

A strong impression is generated by the homepage because all the important information about illustrated maps is easily accessible. This can boost conversions among users who enjoyed their experience. It is more likely that they will return days or weeks later because of the good experience.

The website designer made use of good marketing in the homepage by featuring several examples of illustrated maps. The generous use of white space highlights the beauty of the illustrated maps. A dark background will draw less attention. The website shows off its maps in a way that will not overwhelm the visitor.