Web Design Critique: https://titantransline.com/

If you are new to responsive web design, one of the best examples is the website of Titan Transline that adjusts gracefully to a desktop, laptop or smartphone browser. The website looks good even at its smaller version on your smartphone. You do not have to pinch and zoom to read text and click on things that interest you.

The primary purpose of people who access the website of Titan Transline is not to admire the beauty of web design although it is important for visual appeal and generating a first impression; people are interested in information on transport options because they have goods to be safely delivered on time.

When a potential customer visits the site, web design builds trust and presents information that is required before making an informed decision. The website is the virtual office of the trucking and logistics provider and important information regarding the services offered must be easily accessed. The process is streamlined from the home page up to the call to action.

The movement of the slideshow can easily engage visitors. People are always attracted by visuals and featuring the transport options and staff at work is a good trick to gain attention. It is also a good idea to show people in the slideshow instead of words. Important pieces of information can be displayed effectively in the interactive slider to highlight what the company offers.

While interactive sliders can promote services in the quickest way possible, the potential of getting leads and conversions can be maximized through content. Content is relevant and engaging enough to educate readers on the different transport options that the company offers based on the load that will be delivered. Creating original content is the best way to achieve a strong reputation and establish brand loyalty.

Call to action targets potential customers in the most reasonable way. There is no question that a visitor to the site wants a quote that is cost effective without compromising quality. Call to action will help the visitor get what he needs and at the same time, gain a lead for the company. The visitor receives a free quote and the company gains the visitor’s name, email and contact information.