Web Design Critique: https://titantransline.com/flatbed-trucking/

Why do you need flatbed trucking for your cargo? The flatbed carrier is the best option for large construction materials like lumber, steel or concrete. It can also be used to transport large and heavy oil containers and drums including machinery. The website provides the necessary information to make a confident decision.

It looks like the logo was inspired by Titans, the race of gods that were very powerful and influential in the Greek mythology. The logo conveys that the business is professional and trustworthy in providing quality services. It easily grabs the attention of users and makes a strong impression.

White is generously used in web design to highlight the information provided. The site is distraction-free and simple but it is approachable and elegant. White space is used to emphasize certain aspects of the page like call to action buttons and the carefully-crafted content. It is very effective in influencing people to look at the things that the website wants them to see like call to action.

The call to action “Request a Quote” tells the user what he must do. It motivates the user to accomplish the task that would benefit the business. Multiple call to action provides the user with more opportunities to convert at any point in the page. Call to action is placed strategically to gain maximum attention. The prominent call to action can easily convert a user to a lead.

The transit time calculator is a good idea because it tells the user that the company is making use of the right technologies to provide information. It makes the user confident of his decision to use flatbed trucking for his cargo. The slider displays well -organized information in the small space. It is beautiful enough to capture the user’s attention.

There are enough items on the navigation menu based on the information that users are looking for. It is typical for users to look for answers to their questions and they can easily find it on the homepage; otherwise they can easily find the way to the other pages. A user won’t get lost because the navigation menu is consistent on all the pages.