Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/

Being charged with shoplifting can be very frustrating particularly if you are innocent of the crime. Your best option is the shoplifting lawyer to provide you legal representation. There is legal protection in place to make sure that a person who is accused of a crime is treated fairly and judged according to reliable evidence. You can check out the website for more information.

In order to gain the trust of clients, web design must be better than good. The beautiful image on the landing page can capture the attention of users particularly when you scroll down and find the information you are searching for. The images of lawyers build trust on the site. It also helps with the branding and influences users to choose the service.

It is easy for users to find information about the legal practice and the services offered without the need to use the navigation bar. This is particularly important for legal firms that have different specializations.

Information has been divided properly and placed accordingly on the pages. Content is easily digestible and understood because of the sub-headings. There is no clutter that will distract the attention of the visitor from the more important content. Visitors won’t be overwhelmed with the content on the landing page because more detailed information has been properly posted in other pages.

There is plenty of white space which makes web design more visually appealing. The absence of color makes the site look professional which keeps visitors longer on the site. It is very apparent that the visual images used are professionally created. Even if HD images are more expensive, they are an investment that pays off tenfold.

Users do not have to look far for the contact information. It is right there on the navigation bar waiting to be clicked on. The site is loading fast enough which encourages visitors to stay longer and browse through the pages. The website is responsive on my device and browser and most certainly on yours. It caters to clients who use mobile phones to search for a lawyer. The same information is available to mobile users and those who prefer to use their desktops and laptops.