Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/

A person who is accused of a crime or a member of the family will search online for legal firms like Donich Law before deciding on lawyer who will provide legal representation. This means that law firms must ensure that their website must portray the brand in the best possible way. It should be the primary source of information in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

The website of Donich Law is a very rich source of information but what is most interesting is how the law firm shared the essential elements of a criminal offense and what must the police tell upon arrest. By informing users on consequences of a criminal arrest, they would be dissuaded from performing unlawful acts. All the information shared on the homepage and the other pages are very critical in building trust on the law firm’s skills and knowledge.

Content is a very powerful marketing tool for law firms that want to stay competitive. The use of videos provides users with information in a very interesting way. Many users are reluctant to read text because it takes time and a lot of efforts but videos will help them understand the information more conveniently.

Potential clients certainly want to know the lawyers who will work on their case. It is a good trick to use the images of the lawyers and examples of the work they do. Clients can freely choose the lawyer who will provide them with legal representation in court.

Navigation is pretty simple and easy to understand. The homepage contains all the information that a user needs; however, more information is provided in the other pages. For example, if you will click on “criminal” on the navigation menu, there are sub-categories consisting of different criminal offenses. The law firm gives an example of how a particular criminal offense has been handled to resolve the legal issue.

Each page also contains “frequently asked questions” which are very essential in making confident decisions. It is without doubt that every criminal offense has been explained well which is very important to clients as well as their families and friends.