Web Design Critique: https://mydefence.ca/

Law firms like MyDefence.ca need an awesome website to showcase their experience and professionalism. Most of the visitors who will access the website are probably dealing with a legal problem and they have different expectations. The website must be designed in a manner that will establish confidence on the team of lawyers.

The way the website has been designed answers questions very quickly. Clients are normally in a hurry to hire a lawyer for their defense and once they reach the homepage, they want their questions to be answered as quickly as possible. People who are looking for a specific legal practice can choose from the lawyers who are introduced on the homepage. Their areas of legal specialty and track record are stated clearly.

The homepage attempts to provide the relevant information that visitors search for but the other pages have a ton of information that visitors will absolutely have no trouble finding. Navigation is fairly easy with tabs labeled clearly and easily visible. There are separate sections that mention the legal specialties.

The beautiful design of the homepage is a great incentive for visitors to contact the law firm. Carefully chosen images add value to website. The use of videos to provide accurate legal information is a good idea because not all visitors are inclined to read text. Space has been wisely used so that vital information will take center stage.

Potential clients want to know the lawyer who will represent them. They want to associate a face to a name and credentials before they make a confident decision. It creates a personal connection that makes the visitor more comfortable.

Exceptional copy has been written to highlight the essential elements of a criminal defense. Telling visitors what to do when they are arrested establishes the authority of the law firm in the legal profession. The practice of law is very personal and people tend to search for a law firm they can comfortably work with.

Web design communicates well to prospective clients. Images have chosen carefully to highlight the firm’s strongest qualities. The lawyers look confident and smart just like what a criminal lawyer should look. The simplicity of web design highlights the lawyers as authoritative figures.