Web Design Critique: https://kingkong.com.au/

If you have come across kingkong.com.au review online, it is very likely that you are searching for a digital agency that can provide effective marketing strategies for business growth and profitability. The website is the major source of information for clients to want to double their sales in the next few months through digital marketing.

The amount of information you can access through the website is very valuable to make you feel confident with the buying decision. The simple UI design ensures faster loading time for mobile users. There are no distracting colours and animations that will affect browsing. The website is built around content and can be navigated easily.

However, a simple design does not mean that the website is boring. The website delivers content that communicates well to users. After all, the primary intention of visitors is to read information about the digital agency and the services that it offers to determine whether the online marketing strategies really work.

The font used suits the chunkiness and ensures readability. The site makes a bold statement with just a few elements. It would be difficult for a visitor to resist clicking on a call to action. After all, a reward awaits whoever clicks on CTA from a free 30-minute strategy session to a free report on how to double sales.

Content speaks for itself so that the website does not need an abundance of colours and images for visual aesthetics. The website proves that a simple design with informative and relevant content can be attractive, too.