Web Design Critique: https://kingkong.com.au/

If you have come across kingkong.com.au review, it is very likely that you are curious about the digital agency. To satisfy your curiosity, visit the website where you will find all the information you desire. King Kong is a digital agency that can help you achieve growth during the pandemic. Different strategies are shared through videos to generate sales during the crisis.

Black and white colour theme in web design never goes out of style. It is perfect for websites that want to achieve a clean and modern look. Content stands out because of the simplicity and looks perfect regardless of screen size and resolution.

Many experts say that white text must not be used on a black background because it hurts the eyes. However, this depends on the user who is reading text. White text on a black background makes text look bright and distinct. It does not put too much stress on the eyes because it only takes a  quick sweep of the eyes to scan the text.

It is quicker for a user to gain information through the scroll down web design than clicking from page to page. It is also easier for mobile users to scroll through content. However, scroll down design works best in fast internet connections. Not all users like the concept of scrolling down; they still prefer to click on a traditional navigation menu to access information.

Call to action has been significantly optimized to grab user attention. It is used in different places to make sure that a user won’t miss the command. Call to action is designed to encourage clicks and generate leads. Users won’t be able to resist clicking on the call to action because it offers information that may appeal to their interest.

Regardless of the location of the call to action, the objective is the same; to gain leads. The offer of an informative video to grow the business can encourage users to leave their name and email address. Videos easily resonate with users because it allows them to gain information without reading text. Users won’t think twice to watch a video.