Web Design Critique: https://earthwisehauling.com/

It is very apparent that the web designer who wrote the content of this website did a very good job in introducing the website to users. A lot of information was provided by the website of junk hauling Orange County, what they do, why consumers must choose their services and how much they charge for removal and hauling of junk. The site has also been upfront with extra costs so that customers will not be surprised when they receive the bill.


When you look at the homepage, what comes to mind is the effort and work that the web designer invested in the task. The homepage may look simple compared to sites that sell clothing and toys but the information it provides is more than adequate enough for users. If there is some sort of complaint from a user, it is probably the lack of a significant “wow” factor that will invite the user to look further. However, most users who are searching for junk hauling Orange County are not looking for videos, graphics or animations because their primary purpose is information about the services provided.


Content is well presented and easy to understand. Call to action was unfortunately placed near the bottom of the page. A better option is put call to action at a prominent place near the top of the website to generate leads. It won’t hurt if call to action is placed in every page so that the user will not miss that “save $50” on a service. Contact information which is one of the first things that users look for is more prominent near the bottom of the page. But if you will look closely, a phone number is placed on top of the logo.


It is very likely that navigation will provide a user with a good experience. For example, a user that wants to know about pricing can easily reach the page in one click. There are clear labels that a user can click on to reach other pages like reviews and schedule a pickup. By providing consistent navigation to users, they will feel more confident to find more information in other pages.