Web Design Critique: https://earthwisehauling.com/

It is common for people to search the internet for junk removal service than go with the cheaper route through craigslist. To have online presence, it is important to have a well-designed website that can gain the attention of consumers. People prefer the more convenient and efficient way of booking for junk removal online to save time and money.

First impression

Green is a popular color in web design because it is relaxing. It is also associated to the environment. Green is a good choice because junk removal results to a cleaner and healthier environment. White works best in accenting the message that the website wants to deliver. White is simple enough to soften contrast.

It is a good trick to highlight the $60 savings if a consumer books for junk removal services. There is nothing more encouraging to a consumer than the idea of discounts. Another good trick the website used is the invitation to visit Yelp reviews. This means that the business is confident of the reviews that were written by its previous and present customers. Reviews are similar to word-of-mouth recommendations that have a strong influence in a purchase decision.


The navigation menu at the top of the homepage is simple and easy enough to understand. Call to action at the end of the menu can increase conversions particularly among consumers who are in a hurry to have their junk removed from the property. Consumers are always curious about prices and whether there are any hidden fees. The lower prices when the service is booked online are very tempting and hard to resist. Being straightforward with prices shows the confidence of the business.


Since the junk removal and hauling industry is very competitive, it is important to have relevant content. Consumers who have not decided on the service can be swayed by the information provided in the other pages.  The website is literally full of call to action buttons to make sure that consumers won’t miss the opportunity to obtain discounts. Revenues can increase when call to action is properly placed because it makes it easy for the consumer to respond to the call.