Web Design Critique: https://affordabledentalsolutions.com

Dental website AfffordableDentalSolutions.com allows patients to request for an appointment with a dentist, meet the team of dentists and view the different locations of the dental practice. The pages are optimized properly for each service to provide an SEO advantage. If you will search for “dental implants” it is very likely that the web page will show up in search results.

One of the first things that you will notice in this website aside from the slider in the homepage is the lead generation forms like contact us, request an appointment and get your free consultation today. There is also a patient form that can be filled out online. Patients will find it convenient to be able to schedule an appointment online.

Similar to having pages dedicated to each treatment the dental practice provides, there is also a page for location. This is very important for multi-location dental practices because it increases the chances of being seen by prospective patients in other areas. The map can easily be scrolled to get the exact address of the dental practice.

The page dedicated to dentists allows patients to know everyone in the team. This establishes credibility and trust. Patients will feel more ease after learning the educational attainment and experiences of the dentist who will provide them treatment. It removes any existing doubts and hesitations.

Videos can easily attract the attention of online users particularly those who are not too patient to read texts. The video eases the minds of patients who are still unsure about a dental procedure. Having the dentists explain the procedures establishes trust and proves expertise.

However, the most effective feature that establishes trust is the patient’s stories. By adding the reviews to the landing page, potential patients won’t miss reading them. Users who won’t scroll down the landing page can click on the patient’s stories on the navigation menu.

The website is designed to be simple and clear so that the focus will be on information. Most users who search for a dental practice’s website are usually planning to undergo a certain procedure or treatment. They need information ensure a confident decision.