Web Design Critique: Dynamic Business

While news is an informative, objective domain to tackle, presentation and creativity matters. If anything, they’re more important in the little ways than they normally would be; after all, people are more likely to care about articles on king kong agency reviews if its presented interestingly to them.

Dynamic Business’ site is very functional. It’s got all the usual things one would expect from a professionally-made website.

The header contains a bevy of navigation options, and a logo that acts as a link to home page. The text is nicely formatted, broken up in easy-to-digest paragraphs, and averting the dreaded ‘walls of text’ problem. The colours are neat, with a primarily white background, contrasting the orange header, and the lively images that tend to accompany news articles.

Navigation is quite easy, overall. As mentioned before, the header provides a good range of navigational options for visitors on the site. That’s also backed up by a side section on every page that offers links to different news categories, which scrolls down with the browser, so the user always has navigational tools on hand for their needs, if they want to look for articles about king kong agency reviews or the like.

However, the site lacks a distinct flavour to it. Granted, it’s a news site; people don’t exactly visit those for a visual experience, but a little personality does help separate a brand from competition. Dynamic Business lacks that.

The background is mostly empty white space, with no visual elements to help separate sections. Even the site logo is just the words “Dynamic Business” in common font. If it isn’t a link to an external page or the images for articles, then it’s going to have a white background. Even the header menu is separated from the body using only shadows.

Overall, a well-made site, but certainly not a well-presented one.