Web Design Critique: Cremation Urns Direct

About Cremation Urns Direct

Cremation Urns Direct is an online business owned and managed by an Australian. The business is based in Melbourne which offers memorial products such as cremation memorial urns and various cremation keepsakes. Today we are going to critique its website located at www.cremationurnsdirect.com.au.

Search Engine Optimization. When you enter the keywords “cremation urns Australia” on Google Chrome, the website appears on the first page of the search result and within the top 5. This is good in terms of ranking since it impacts greatly the number of people visiting the website. There is room for improvement though as it could benefit even more if it ranks number one on the search engine result.

Navigation. Upon landing on the homepage of the website, the first thing people will notice is that the site is hosted through WordPress. There menu is at the top of the page which makes it easier for visitors to navigate the tabs – Home, Shop, About Us, FAQs and Contact Us. The homepage also shows the featured cremation urns as well as the categories for easy browsing. The website owner could remove the WordPress options at the topmost part in order to avoid confusion on the user’s part.

Design. The website’s design is simple which is fitting for company selling memorial urns. It the background color is a soft shade of blue which is very similar to the sky. The layout is minimalistic with nothing chaotic going on. It sends off a calming vibe to the grieving family who might be shopping cremation urns for their loved one who passed away. Aside from the header image which features a slideshow animation, the rest are simple and easy on the eyes.

Fonts and Colors. The fonts used are simple and easy to read. Aside from the bottom part which features a small introduction about the company, there are very few texts on the homepage. The colors used are soft and toned down – white, sky blue and gray.

Content. The content is direct to the point. It highlights their memorial urns but does not sales talk by offering words of comfort to the bereaved.