Web Design Critique: Buy Games For Cheap

About buy games for cheap

These keywords lead the users in their search for cheap video games in the internet. They guide the users to the different websites that engage in video games with great deals and low prices. Most people who play internet games always search for cheap games but still offer the same excitement and satisfaction to customers. This is a way to spend your money wisely in this kind of entertainment.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords “buy games for cheap”, they are seen on the first page of the Google search results. This means that many people are searching for sites with cheap games and great deals.

Usability. The keywords will lead you to many different sites that offer cheap video games and great deals and discounts. This will benefit the users in terms of information on which website offers the cheapest games.

Navigation. The website is easy to navigate with different menus arranged horizontally on top of the page for easy search. There are drop-down menus for some of the pages. A search box is also seen on top of the page for convenience.

Design and lay-out. The lay-out of the website is simple but full of information. The header is well designed with attractive colors on the letters. The design is convenient for the users to understand and use. Each game option has its own description of the game which informs the users about the game, it’s features, and other information useful to the customers. The design is user-friendly which gives the users an easy browsing experience. The summary of each game is informative that helps the users decide which game to purchase and an idea about the rest of the games for their future options. There are also many payment options at the bottom of the page for the users to choose from.

Contents. The contents of the website are detailed and full of information for users to appreciate. There are also other menus that are useful to the users such as platforms and genres. They lead the users to more informative details about the games.