Web Design Critique: Businesses

It is natural to be curious about the website of the digital agency after reading numerous king kong agency reviews online. After all, who won’t be curious with the results-driven approach to marketing?

The way the website is designed focuses on text and visual content. The web designer incorporated videos to allow visitors to consume content in a faster and more efficient manner. It is difficult to miss the invite to watch the video inside the slider on the landing page. Another good trick is the call to action to gain leads and conversions.

Website experience is enhanced through the use of videos. Original content encourages visitors to stay longer on the site and learn all the information the digital agency wants to share. The longer the visitor stays on the page, the better it will be SEO.

Call to action is one of the important elements of a successful website. The way that call to action is placed on the website encourages visitors to share their name and email address. Visitors can spot call to action easily and will know in an instant what to do. Adding an arrow helps distinguish call to action from the rest of content.

Well written content is presented in an organized and clutter-free way. It is well written to point out the strength of call to action. Content is highlighted to provide the visitor with a better experience. The quality of content will strongly impact on the digital agency’s revenue and brand awareness. Content targets the right people who will benefit from the marketing strategies of the digital agency.