Web Design Critique

It is very likely that you have come across King Kong Sabri Suby who was able to create a digital agency that is now worth millions. The million-dollar success story is attracting thousands of clients every month particularly companies that want a marketing strategy with real guarantee. Marketing is one of the fundamental challenges that most businesses face and King Kong can help them overcome the problem.

A website can make a good first impression when a visitor can access information in just a few seconds. However, visitors must not be overwhelmed with the amount of content presented to them. The introductory video in the landing page generates a good first impression because it presents how the digital service works and the strategies that can explode sales. The video grabs the attention of visitors while call to action encourages them to learn more about the digital agency.

Call to action is placed in a prominent location which visitors will not miss.  The video is accompanied by a letter with a value proposition. The use of big text ensures that the visitor will not miss the message that the letter wants to convey.

Visitors have high expectation when it comes to the web design of a digital agency. Most of these visitors have actually made up their minds to hire a digital agency to assist with their marketing and sales strategies. They are looking for information that will justify the decision.  The website does not have colourful images or graphics but it highlights information that will provide value to a business.

White space is effectively used to properly frame content and highlight areas with call to action. Call to action can be easily lost in a sea of colour. Visitors want to know whether the digital agency can help with their problem and the website expresses the perfect solutions to the issues. A visitor can watch the free 30-minute strategy session or get a free report on how to double sales in 90 days by simply providing the email address, name and contact information. Even if conversions are not automatically generated, the digital company can increase its leads.