Useful Tips When Choosing A Dog Collar

Many pet owners keep a dog collar on their pet at all times to make sure that it can be easily identified when it escapes from the home. There are dog collars with microchipped tags so that the pet can be returned whenever it is lost. A collar is also important when walking the dog or at any time that the dog is outside the home.

There are 3 common types of dog collars: the standard, the chain collar and the martingale collar. The standard collar is usually made from a narrow piece of nylon, leather or a strong material with a loop or loops attached for the leash or ID tag. A chain collar is often made from metal and lined with prongs. This type of collar is used for training purposes.

Martingale collars are similar to chain collars but with a fabric loop that shrinks when pulled on. The collar will tighten but not to the point that will cause discomfort to the dog. The martingale collar is designed for dogs that can easily slip out from traditional collars.

Before choosing a dog collar at the pet store, it is important to measure the size of the collar that will be needed. The correct size can be determined by wrapping a piece of string on the dog’s neck. An easier option is to use a tape measure. Since dog collars are made from different materials like nylon, leather, faux leather, neoprene or others, think of how it will be used by the dog.

A waterproof neoprene collar is a good option for dogs who love to swim or play with the water hose. Leather collars are more expensive but they are strong, durable and stylish. Nylon collars come in different colors, styles and sizes but they are often difficult to clean.

If you have the habit of walking the dog at night, choose a dog collar with LED lights or reflective strips built on the material so that they can be easily spotted. However, it is suggested to remove the collar once you reach home to allow the skin on the dog’s neck to air out and prevent discomfort.