Three Important Elements To Build a Website For Your Business

Majority of people now-a-days search for products and services online. A recent study by revealed that approximately 80 percent of buyers, research online about a product, they intend to purchase. In such scenario, it is utmost important to have a functional website that attracts the attention of potential clients and makes them aware of your products/services. A good website will help you to increase sales, by engaging the prospective clients and turning them into your customers.

Here are 3 elements to build a website for your business and increase your sales. The points are explained with reference to, the website of seat cover business CalTrend.

  1. Provide all the relevant information about the company and products. The homepage of the website should explain the features of the products and contact information of the business. Having pricing details of the products, helps the viewer to take fast decision. For example, CalTrend website provides the pricing details of their featured seat covers on their home page and has a “See all seat covers” option below that nudges the viewers to explore more in the website.
  2. The homepage of a website is the first page, your viewers will see. It is essential to have a strong homepage to engage the viewers and encourage them to spend time exploring your website. The attention span of the viewers is very small and if your homepage fails to impress, you will lose business. The homepage should contain information about the business, products/services of your business and quick links to other sections of the website.
  3. In this age of digital marketing, it is very important to link your website to other social media platforms that you have presence. The social media links should be prominent and easy to view. This will help you to increase your followers on social media platforms and stay-in-touch with your clients. However, keep in mind to update the social media pages regularly. The contact information of the business should be consistent on all the social media platforms and the website. For example,, the website of CalTrend has easy links to their social media pages on Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

The website of CalTrend contains all these 3 important elements. It is a good example of a well-designed website that provides visitors all the information, they are looking for.