The Simple Yet Effective Website

Paper Mart retail bags have proven to be long lasting and are a great help in conserving the environment. If you visit, they have a wide array of uniquely designed and well crafted products. is an e-commerce business which has successfully pooled in audiences and customers because of the website’s unique theme and designs. Thanks to the website developers who have devoted ample time in brainstorming and coming up with the best look for the website.

In order to keep your audience and potential customers glued into your website, you need to keep your website presentation simple to them and easy to use.

Simplicity rules
You need to focus on the essential elements to place in your website. When ascertaining what to place in your homepage, you should keep in mind that this page should immediately satisfy the thirst of your audience for the topic that they are looking for. Surprisingly, there are a lot of websites that fail to achieve this and the result can be devastating. When unimportant content and elements are spewed over your website, this will leave your readers uninterested. They will certainly hit the close button.

As a website developer, it can be difficult oftentimes to prioritize and be objective in placing the contents in your webpage. Everything just seems to be essential. If you want the design of your website to be simple, you need first to identify where you need to focus. This means that you need to place the focus only on very important and relevant things.

The 80-20 rule
Ask yourself what 20 percent on your web page will give an 80 percent value and content to the people who visit your website? It could be the feedback from consumers and other social proofs like testimonials and assign up form or some call to action button. Every website has different need so you first need to evaluate what is really applicable with your website. On your website, you should only be displaying 20 percent of website elements that delivers 80 percent of usefulness to users. This way, your website becomes effective and efficient.