The Role Of Customer Reviews In Purchase Decisions

Review sites and online directories have evolved to become a significant source of information for consumers. The vast array of information available on these platforms have become more credible to the eyes of consumers than the reviews posted by professional critics and influencers.

The fact is consumers do not just stumble on the reviews while browsing the web, consumers intentionally search for the reviews and directories to help them make a confident purchase decision. Aside from the basic business information, review sites include consumer opinions and star ratings that have a strong influence on most people.

After reading several reviews about a business, a consumer knows what to expect when he uses the service. In order to understand the impact of reviews on a business, try to look at Yelp that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about businesses. Each of the reviews includes a star rating where the average is rounded off to the nearest half star.

For example, if a restaurant receives an average 3.24-star rating, it is rounded off to 3 stars while 3.26 becomes 3.5 stars. That extra half-star can make a very huge difference in the number of bookings. The reviews influence the decision of the customers while the star ratings enhance the reputation and credibility of the business.

A digital marketing agency understands that king kong advertising reviews play an instrumental role in attracting the attention of new clients. They take advantage of the opportunities provided by reviews so that they actively encourage their clients and employees to post their unbiased opinions on review sites.