Reviews Used To Support Advertising Claims

Consumers today are avid readers of customer reviews. They expect a business to have reviews and ratings that will provide them with information that is not available on the website. They trust the reviews because it helps them make informed decisions.

Meanwhile, customer reviews also help brands and retailers. Smart retailers would collect feedback from reviews to adjust their offerings, improve their operations and provide customers with a better experience with the brand.

Reviews have become so powerful that they are now being used for advertising. Unlike paid advertisements, reviews are authentic and unbiased; however, review platforms usually moderate reviews through fraud detection and profanity filter including a human moderation team. The content itself is not edited which means that the reviews are the real voices of customers.

Business websites are encouraged to post all the reviews they receive whether they are favourable or unfavourable to establish authenticity and trust for the brand. It is highly unlikely for a business to receive only positive reviews and 5-star ratings.

Reviews have become a primary tool that consumers and businesses listen to. Advertisers are now finding new creative ways to use reviews and ratings as support for advertising claims. They integrate reviews into their advertising strategies to encourage people to make better purchase decisions.

It is very likely that you have come across a king kong marketing agency review from popular review platforms. The reviews are accurate representations of the opinions of the digital agency’s clients. Reviews are also written by employees who want to share their workplace experience with job seekers.