Optimax Website Review

Today, the website we’ll be making a brief review for is the website of Optimax, which is a company that isn’t shy about telling you the cost of laser eye surgery in Belfast.

About Optimax
Optimax is a UK laser eye treatment specialist. Founded in 1991 we have performed over 380,000 treatments and have clinics nationwide.

We have recorded over 600,000 aftercare results on our centralised database and we offer approximately 800 treatment appointments each week. Our popularity and success enables us to bring affordable eye correction treatments to more locations across the UK than ever before.

Optimax is actually the market leader in the UK when it comes to laser eye treatment with over 120 clinics across the country.

First Impression
The homepage really looks neat and clean by using only minimal amount of colors. The color choice was also minimalist by choosing colors that aren’t too bright or flashy to the eyes. The homepage seems to be telling you “Hey you, call me! Or book a consultation with me” because, as soon as you open the site, the company’s number is one of the first few things you’d see. There’s also a callback option beside the number and a free consultation panel next to it.

Navigating through the website is easy. Options pull down as soon as you scroll through the navigation panel. The content of the navigation panel is not too shabby as well. They provide their potential patients with all the information about them—from information on eye and lens surgery, treatment costs, the names of their surgeons, and their clinic locations. They even have special offers available under the ‘Treatment Cost’ tab. Patient testimonials are also available on the bottom part of the page.

The site has the right amount of plugins compared to a lot of websites today that would stuff and flood their pages with every kind of plugin available. The homepage has a slideshow of photos and marketing ads, which aren’t painful to look since the color scheme used complement the whole color scheme of the site. A silent video that lasts a few seconds is also available on the bottom part of the homepage. I stress the word ‘silent’ because this is a website about eye surgery. They want you to use your eyes rather than your ears.

Membership Account
Apparently, you can sign up for a membership account on their website by choosing the My Optimax option under the “Contact” tab. This takes you to a page where you can either log in as an existing member or sign up for a new account.
This part of the website allows you to claim rewards, refer the clinic to friends, manage aftercare appointments, and even book appointments online.

Closing Thoughts
• The website is very minimalist in terms of design. This can be a good thing since minimalism is now a trend when it comes to design.

• Color scheme seems to fit with the purpose of being an eye surgery website. People with astigmatism won’t be able to appreciate bright colors, mind you.

• They are very customer oriented. The company really wants the customers to reach to them by putting their contact number on top of every page and by offering highlighting the fact that they offer free consultation.

• They have a modern and technologically advanced way of allowing customers to manage aftercare services and appointments by allowing them to create their own accounts for the website.