Korean Survey Shows Customers Want Better Transparency With Online Ads

Korea’s Fair Trade Commission recently conducted a survey to see customer attitude towards online ads and noted that 80% of their respondents expressed their beliefs that online platforms need to change how they handle search ads in order to avoid propagating misleading marketing.

The FTC’s survey had a sample size of 1,152 users from across Korea and covered ads in portals, e-commerce open markets, online-to-offline services, and others. The survey’s data shows that customers use mobile devices more than desktop, with the mobile segment being particularly dominant for apps and O2O services.

When asked as to whether or not they knew that search ads are displayed in online platform services, the vast majority of the respondents (84.6%) say they know. However, a lot of those users say that it’s getting harder to tell what content is actually advertising, as some are displayed strategically and not labelled properly as ‘advertising’.

Only 35.8% of the respondents admitted to understand that ads can be put into SERPs, hidden among actual search results, as part of a marketing and sales campaign.

The majority of the respondents (80%) called for changes to search ads, asking for changes to better protect customers. Additionally, 78.6% stated that there should be guidelines for advertisement content, which dictate the font formatting, as well as the location on a page.

For those that deal with many a king kong advertising review and other forms of digital marketing, the FTC also announced that it would continue to monitor the online search ad industry, particularly on emergent platforms, like apps.