How To Make Cross-Border Trade Relatively Easy

Moving freight between the United States and Canada is similar to moving freight domestically except for the additional customs documents. Working with a licensed and experienced cross-border trucking and logistics company will make the process of moving freight across the border relatively easy.

The documents that are necessary for cross-border trade depend on the freight being shipped and its value. When shipping freight from the US to Canada, it is important to prepare the USMCA Certificate of Origin, BOL with the customs broker’s contact information, Canadian Custom’s Invoice, and Commercial Invoice if freight is over 1,600 Canadian dollars, and shipment passport.

When shipping freight from Canada to the US, the following documents are necessary: USMCA Certificate of Origin, BOL with customs broker’s contact information, Commercial Invoice if freight is more than US$800, and US Customs Invoice.

Cross-border shipments usually cost more than shipping domestically because there are duties and taxes aside from the regular shipping fees. The shipping cost will also be affected by factors like commodity origin, destination, date and equipment used.

Transit time also depends on the freight’s origin and destination. Typically, a transit time calculator is used to make a quick estimate. There are shipments that can be expected to arrive within 24 hours of pickup while others may take a few days. Shipments usually move seamlessly across the border if the truck driver provides the proper customs paperwork.

The most common reasons why freight is delayed are inaccurate and missing documents. If the freight gets stuck at the border, the customs broker or the carrier can provide the necessary assistance. It is typical for goods being imported into Canada that cannot be cleared at the border to be allowed through the move-in bond; otherwise, the freight will be on hold at a sufferance warehouse until customs clearance and/or CBSA inspection is completed.

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