How To Enjoy South America Tours?

Choosing South America tours allow you to set foot on what is considered the land of salsa, tequila and sombreros. Travellers of different types can surely enjoy a wonderful vacation here as this is a fantastic place to rejuvenate their senses.

What Makes this Continent Unique?

South America is settled between the South Atlantic Ocean, South Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. It has attracted many tourists to come to this side of the world and enjoy a breath taking natural attraction. This continent owns the largest rainforest and biggest river Amazon. There are many beaches that make you have the hottest holiday destination here.

How the Beaches Have Increased Tourism Rates?

Over the recent years, tourism in South America have improved tremendously. The reason is due to the massive increases of flights offered by major international airlines to the continent. Planning South America tours are now as easy as ABCs as most things are already provided. You don’t only enjoy comfort and relaxation; you get to see the various scenic beauties of the continent.

What to Explore on the South America Tour?

Tayrona, Colombia

This beach is situated on the Caribbean coast near Santa Marta in Columbia. It’s a magnificent beach resort with scrumptious food, marvellous surfing experience, and nice hammocks to rent for the night. The main attraction for tourists is its rich flora and fauna. You can also encounter wildlife such as jaguars, iguanas, and red woodpeckers.

Punta Tombo, Argentina

This beach in Patagonia, Argentina is home to the Magellanic penguins named after Ferdinand Magellan, the Portuguese explorer who discovered the birds in 1520. The migratory birds are here in huge numbers for breeding. They arrive in September and stay here till middle of March; but the best time to see them is in November where their babies are born.

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Ipanema Beach is situated in the southern area of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. It is much talked about for its stylish beach culture, a feature not often found elsewhere in the world. The beach is known for innovative beach wear styles where men and women wear G-string, tiny tanga and dental floss bikinis. While enjoying some tan on the beach, they can engage in swimming, beach volleyball, soccer, cycling, rollerblading, etc.