Four Important Aspects Of A Well-Designed Website

The quality of a website plays an important role in attracting viewers and turning them into potential clients. A well—designed website provides all the information that the viewers are looking for in an interesting and easy to understand manner.

Like in any other business, legal firms too need a good website to attract clients. The website should be able to build brand recognition and convey all the relevant information about the firm to the viewers. Let us understand some important features that will make a website stand out. The features are explained in reference to, the website of Donich law, which is a reputed firm of regulatory and criminal lawyer in Toronto.

  1. Well-Designed Homepage

The homepage of the website should be professional and clutter free. Homepage is the first page, where most of the viewers enter your website. If the homepage is cluttered, it portrays a very unprofessional image about the firm. For example, the website of Donich law is very clean and professional. It displays the image of the four lawyers of the firm, the tagline professional corporation and the USP of the firm.

  1. Navigation

Navigation is an important factor that makes or breaks a website. The navigation of a website should be easy, in order to enable the viewers to locate the information, they are searching for. The content should be divided into headings and sub-headings and each of them should feature a navigation button. For example,, has good navigation. The different services provided by the firm are classified into headings “Criminal” and” Regulatory.”  The different cases that come under Criminal and Regulatory are divided into sub-heading, with each of them having a navigation button. You can locate the information about the case you are looking for, with just a click. There are navigation buttons for about us, media section, blog and contact information.

  1. Content

The content of a website should be clear and relevant. The website should be updated regularly with all the latest information. A dated website portrays an uninterested and unprofessional image.

  1. Contact Information

A website is the online sales person of a firm. It should have the contact details of the firm to enable the viewers to contact you for further discussion. The website of Donich law, displays the contact number of the firm on the top right corner, it also has a contact section with a navigation button. The contact section features the postal address, email, contact number, fax number and links to their social media pages. It also has a contact form which requests for your name, phone number and the right time to call you.

The website of a law firm should be designed in an attractive manner to differentiate it from other firms and create a professional image. You can visit the website of Donich law, a professional regulatory and criminal lawyer in Toronto, to get an idea about how the website should look like.