Alberta Partners With Montana To Provide COVID-19 Vaccine For Truckers

With supply chains being more important now than ever, logistics firms like Titan Transline have been under a lot of pressure. The importance of truckers has become more apparent than ever, but these essential workers have trouble getting vaccinated due to the nature of their work, which demands long hours travelling on the road.

Montana and Alberta have decided to lend a hand to truckers, signing an agreement with each other to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to truckers crossing the US-Canada border. The initiative was announced on May 7, 2021 by Premier Jason Kenny, accompanied by Transportation Minister Ric McIver and Alberta Motor Transport President Chris Nash.

Kenney stated that this initiative was aimed at supporting the supply chain during the pandemic, noting that there will be no cost to Alberta and truckers will be getting surplus shots from the government of Montana.

As it stands, logistic firms like Titan Transline worry about their truckers due to the difficulty of scheduling vaccinations. The initiative, which will vaccinate around 2,000 truckers operating in the area, will have Montana giving the single-shot Johnson & Johnson for greater ease. Appointments are also not needed.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney stated that they’re doing everything they can to get as many Albertans vaccinated as possible, and this initiative is just part of that. He expressed gratitude to Montana Governor Gianforte and their government for the donation of vaccines for protecting their truckers, adding that Alberta depends on trade with their US neighbors and this program will help keep trade going while stopping the spike of COVID-19 cases.

Regarding Alberta and vaccinations, eligibility for the vaccine expanded on May 6, with all Albertans over the age of 30 being eligible for inoculation. According to Kenney, 130,000 appointments got booked for the first day.

As of the announcement, there are about 2,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine available for truckers and Kenney noted that they will go back to Montana, and is hopeful that the state will expand the program.

Kenney also stated that he’s planning to speak to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the matter with US President Joe Biden regarding vaccine doses. As it stands, some Canadians are getting their shots from the US easier than they would’ve in Canada, and Kenney is encouraging people to get inoculated as soon as possible.