Website Critique:

When starting a café business, it is important to have an attractive space that will attract customers. You will need café fitouts in Canberra to achieve a design that will highlight what the café offers. Besides that, customers will certainly desire a space that makes them comfortable and at ease. A more realistic budget will allow you to fulfil your dream design without overspending.

First impression

Since more and more consumers use the internet to search for cafes in a certain area, it is critical to have an attractive web design that will immediately gain attention. Instead of a slider, web design chose to use a static image to tell visitors what the website offers. Sometimes, the use of an image slider slows down the loading time dramatically especially when the visitor is using a mobile phone. Proper use of colours, images and text draws the user to the right elements. Web design is legible and clutter-free making it easy to explore and understand.


The website uses plenty of images to help encourage visitors to travel down the page. The images also highlight the key sections of the page that visitors should look at. The call-to-action buttons are great at directing the visitors to various sections of the website. White space has been used effectively in navigation to highlight the areas where visitors can take action. The use of images is consistent so that visitors can quickly find the information they seek for.


There is a saying that content is king. The web designer has undoubtedly heard the saying that is why he applied it on the website. Web content is actually the reason why visitors are viewing the web pages. Web design has managed to highlight quality content though its design and interactivity. The web designer knows that the best way to add interest to the pages is to decorate it with quality images that convey more information to an impatient visitor who does not bother to read text. Visitors who require more detailed information can dig deeper into the other pages by clicking on Read more instead of using the navigation bar.