Website Critique: Ugly Christmas Sweater

Upon entering the website,, I was immediately bombarded with an assortment of images of ugly Christmas sweaters, in a good way. You can quickly tell what the website is about. The products were prominently placed in the homepage, a good way of showcasing what the website has to offer and convincing potential customers to make a purchase. I had also noticed how small the logo of the website is. I believe that the logo of a website represents its identity and purpose and I feel as if the website builders should have made it a lot bigger.

The navigation aspect of the website is smooth like silk. It is user friendly without frustrating the website visitors with complex navigation. The navigation panel mainly consists of nine buttons and leading the panel is none other than the home button. The second button in the panel is the one that leads to the online shop where people can choose from a variety of products that the website is offering. The rest of the buttons in the navigation panel mainly focuses on the user-shopping aspects.

The overall design is good. The designers have stuck to two colors which are light green and white. The website itself gives a Christmas-y feeling which is a good thing since they sell Christmas sweaters. I also admire the simplicity of the website. Simplicity is probably one of the most user-friendly trends in the world of web design today. The layout and the content of the website are also very well thought of. Everything is where it should be. On the right part of the topmost area of the website you would be able to see the total amount of the items in your shopping cart. The middle area of the website shows a series of sweaters and various other products and the bottommost part has been made exclusive to explaining what Christmas sweaters are and what the company is all about.

The website has been excellently built and if there are some improvements needed, it would be on the website logo. They would need to make it a little larger in order to better promote their brand.