Website Critique: Paper Mart Printed, Retail And Shopping Bags


My first impression on Paper Mart’s page for custom shopping bags and print bags is how the mixture of simplicities and complexities had brought together an effective and well-designed webpage. The first thing that had caught my attention is a large image of assorted shopping and printed bags below the navigation panel which serves as the header for the webpage. In terms of introduction, it is safe to say that the header had efficiently done its job in introducing the product being featured on the webpage.


The webpage for custom shopping bags, and the website itself, feature a diverse navigation panel. In it you can find about thirteen navigation buttons, most of which pertain to the different types of products that the website is offering. You can say that the navigation is a bit complex and strays from the norm. Other websites would often feature a navigation panel with only a few buttons so as not to confuse the visitors but although this webpage has numerous buttons, it actually helped make the navigation easier. People would not have to search for a certain item anymore as they can just look for it in the navigation panel.

Another navigation panel can be found vertically placed on the left side of the page and mostly features the same expanding elements of the first navigation panel. Honestly, I think there is no need for the second navigation since the first one had already met the navigation purpose.


The layout mainly follows the same elements as most websites. About six different bags were featured below the header grid-style and below it is a promotional poster detailing how customers can customize their own bags using exclusive software. On the bottommost part, you will information regarding the company that handles the website.

The design, on the other hand, features simplistic elements. But the problem that I had found is probably with the color choices because they could’ve used better and more energetic colors to stimulate the visitors.


The webpage was professionally made. Problems are close to none except for the colors that were used in the webpage. They should choose lighter colors that stimulate the visitors other than the dull grayish blue they had used.