Website Critique: Millers Fencing and Landscaping

First Impression

The site is an online shop that is engaged in the industry of designing, planning and installations that specialize in fences and landscaping. The homepage is quite simple with a comprehensive use of green background. Every visitor will be delighted to see pictures like the one we can see in their gallery section. It is in the greenish nature background.



The page navigation bar in this website is smooth and flowing. I like its simplicity and it is very accessible. Scanning over the page comes very transitional. You can see as a matter, of course, the high-quality images on the background. It is very responsive and pretty easy to navigate. It has 100% responsiveness. The navigation button works like nimble and it is brilliant. Though this Millers Fencing & Landscaping website, I think, has an ingenious design. The landscaping and fencing section is empty and there is no information available on the page.


Most of the Section in this website is pretty nice. What I love the most of all is the Logs and Log Stores section. It gives you the best source for every design. It has a user-friendly concept and the content is good. For visitors who would look for this kind of services, they can simply grab their mouse and stick to this site. It is recommendable. I personally love the color green it is very relaxing to the eyes since we are handling technology in our time.

At some point, most websites actually look the same because it is with the same intention and purpose. What really matters, is how you convey the reader to stay, have fun and get interested with all the stuff here. While the simplicity of the Millers Fencing & Landscaping site is more convincing and gives the visitor a friendly atmosphere. I also like the green color that is inviting to nature and experience. Both Blue and green are stunning colors to be used in any website designs. It looks comparatively the same as they accommodate people to design their homes and their backyard with the best company.