Website Critique: Bathrooms And More Store


When I had first entered the website of Bathrooms and More Store, the first thing that had caught my attention was the large image of a vanity unit strategically placed at the center of the page and occupying a large portion of the uppermost area which I then realized was part of a carousel or a slideshow of images. In my honest opinion, I believe that the carousel had no definite use in the website other than for introductory purpose. I also think that the web designers could have made use of other tactics that would prove more beneficial to the business such as a call to action.

In terms of the logo, although it was simply made I can say that it had attached itself quite well with the website.


The navigation in this website is slightly more complicated than most websites. The reason for this is that it had made use of a number of navigation panels that are placed in various areas of the website. There is a slightly smaller navigation panel which has the five general navigation buttons common to all websites. It is placed at the right side of the topmost area of the page just above the search panel. The second navigation panel is located above the carousel and features six buttons, all of which pertains to a type of product the website is offering. The last panel is placed at the left side of the middle area and is placed vertically and features a more complicated set of navigation buttons similar to the second one.


The website mainly features a simplistic design but the overall layout is slightly different from the usual. The colors that were used are all neutral colors of blue, white and black. The content follows the grid-style popularized by Pinterest.

Beside the navigation panel and occupying most of the middle section is feature savings that the website is offering. Below that you would find some of their deals as well as the reviews they got from customers. The bottommost area centers on providing information about the website as well as some social media icons to connect with social media platforms.


The website is wonderfully built and the only problem I had found is with the carousel and the loading speed. My only recommendation is to improve on those two.