Web Design Tips And Critics

How do successful companies market their products and services to potential and existing clients? Here are some of the best practices when it comes to designing a website in order to promote your services and products.

  • The five second rule. Keep in mind that you only have five seconds to explain the value of your products and services to potential users when they visit your website. The back button is the widely used button on the web. IF you do not answer the user’s needs immediately, he will click on the back button and exit from your website and click on the next site on the search engine. Ensure that you can draw the attention of your visitors. Your website should have compelling home page.


  • Proper messaging. The most vital aspect in making a website is the message that it portrays. The most effective websites often feature concise, clear, bit text messages in just a few catchy words. Do not place long paragraphs in your homepage. Remember that your homepage is a gateway into your website. Use shortened messages that get immediately to the point.


  • Call to action. Search for successful electronic commercial websites and you will certainly notice that these websites include a call to action button or buttons. The most common of these buttons are “Bur Now”, “Work with Us” and “Request a quote”. The best CTAs usually clarify what you are trying to offer as opposed to forcing people in figuring things out on their own.


  • Building trust. This is very critical when you are selling services and products online. You need to earn the trust of potential clients or customers. There are a lot of successful companies online who leverage the positive experiences of their customers through the customer testimonials. With the help of these testimonials, you can build brand loyalty and will surely grow your business.


Keeping things fresh and in perspective. Content indeed is still king. You do not want the visitors of your website to read outdated contents and think that your business is not anymore active. The web creators and managers of M & S Plumbing & Heating have always made it a point to keep things fresh in their website.