Web Design Critique

Many people prefer to preserve memorable moments they have captured through the cameras of their mobile phones through canvas art print instead of simply keeping them on their phones. If you will search online, there are lots of websites that offer custom canvas prints based on the photos that you will upload. With canvas prints, there is a wide range of options to create something that is wonderful enough to hang on the walls of your home.

First impression

The first thing that will catch your attention when you reach the site is the box that requests for a feedback. It is a survey that is designed to determine customer experience while browsing through the site. It is also very effective at gaining leads which can eventually turn to conversions. You can easily determine the site as one that offers art pieces. You will be greeted by different samples of canvas art prints that can be used to decorate the home. Web design has made extensive use of white color so that the images of canvas prints will have more impact on the target audience. The colors used can gain a lot of attention even from visitors who accidentally found the site through an online search for canvas art print.


Web design has made good use of content to provide users with important information that can influence a purchasing decision. Apart from providing visitors with an idea on the products they offer, web design encourages the visitor to stay longer and browse through the pages to learn more about personalization options, Christmas gift ideas and home décor. Blogs about canvas art prints and how they can be used to update home décor is better than having none at all particularly if the navigation menu at the bottom of the page has a link to a blog.


Navigation is relatively easy because the links are self-explanatory. If you click on” shop”, navigation will bring the visitor to the best sellers and gift ideas. I assumed that“shop” means an easy path to check out. However, web design has managed to convey what it wants the visitor to do with as few words as possible.