Web Design Critique: www.starbrightmontessori.com

Starbright Montessori believes that a website is very important for online presence. Nowadays, parents of preschool children prefer to use their mobile phones, desktops or laptops to access school websites. Parents want to know all the information about a preschool before making an informed decision.

However, not just any kind of web design will work for a school because if the design is bad, it would reflect on the school’s professionalism. The good thing with the website of Starbright Montessori is the quick way of finding contact information. On the homepage, parents will immediately know that the school is accepting applications. Parents who are in a hurry can easily click on the “contact us” button to connect to the site.

First impression is very critical for a school website. When a parent uses the mobile phone to access the site, he does not have to re-size the page or drag and zoom. Website content is easily accessible through mobile and works well for users. The homepage is designed simply with useful content. It is easy to read and navigation quickly guides the user to relevant information. Quick links save the user time because they are able to access information in the quickest time possible. The website has a clean look without any clutter but it can be more exciting with the addition of a few quality images.

Content is adequate enough because it updates parents on important school events and preschool programs. Navigation is user friendly and works properly. Links are highlighted when the user clicks on the text to navigate the pages. The links are very distinct when selected.

Web design also paid attention to testimonials. The testimonials video on the homepage is very important for confident decisions because it features parents and their experiences.

Website design may not be award-winning but it is effective as a school website. Content is well organized and easy to access. However, design lacks a bit of excitement which is very important to make a website interesting to visitors. It is simple enough for information search but users have different tastes and preferences. There are users who want a better experience with a school website.