Web Design Critique: www.shrewsbury.ac.th/city

The main source of information for parents and students who are looking for Bangkok international schools is websites. This means that web design must be able to catch the attention of parents, students and teachers; otherwise, whatever marketing and promotional efforts undertaken will not help in achieving the objective. Aside from the goal of providing quality education to students, schools also need to be economically profitable.

First impression

Hardly is there a school website that does not include an interactive slider on the homepage because they know that images can easily gain the attention of users. The movement of the slider can easily engage site visitors particularly those that prefer visuals instead of text. Besides that, quality images speak more than words. The homepage is visually appealing, well organized and informative. Meanwhile, text links are easier to understand than image links. However, the text description on the image links optimizes the page for SEO.


Vertical navigation menus have advantages and disadvantages. The role of the navigation menu is to provide users with directions towards the information provided in the site. It is more common for school websites to have a horizontal navigation menu because the objective is to create a user-friendly website. It is easier for most users to follow the horizontal navigation menu because they are more familiar with the style. In this website design, you have to click on menu to arrive at the navigation menu. Navigation has a strong impact on user engagement and those unfamiliar with the style many assume that the site has no navigation bar except the links to campuses, portals and contact.


Most school websites have more than adequate information because they know that this is what visitors are looking for. Content is well organized and presented in an appealing way. High priority items are above the fold but there are visual clues that more information is available below the fold. The way the website is designed ensures that visitor gets loads of information on the homepage. However, it is important to ensure that design will work on different screen sizes to provide the user with the same experience.