Web design critique: www.illustratedmaps.com/

First impression

It is very likely that you are specifically looking for a New York City Illustrated Map that is why you arrived at this page. It makes sense to be impressed with the site; after all, it is focused on art and creativity. Who would ever think that a map of New York City can be created with so much artistry and passion? However, you will only arrive at this particular page if you specifically typed New York Illustrated Map on your browser because the website includes different types of map illustrations of cities, resorts, schools, etc. It is very easy to gain a good impression from the numerous examples of map illustrations but what makes it standout is the amount of information in the form of images and text. This means that there is an option offered for different types of users.


If you will take a look at the horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page, you will find different links that you can try to click on so that you will view more examples of map illustrations. Navigation is pretty simple and easy to understand and consistent on all the pages. However, the navigation menu at the bottom of the page can be overlooked easily because of the considerably small-sized text. Good thing that there is an option when you click on “services” where the size of text is large enough for readability.


Content is engaging and relevant to capture interest during the first few seconds of arrival at the homepage. Content is king is certainly the objective of the web designer because there is plenty to read and view. The good use of images as well the minimal use of animation is engaging. Content also answers the questions of users by providing extensive information on how map illustrations are created by artists. It is very obvious that the web designer has focused on SEO because all the right keywords were used on content. Content is undoubtedly original which is what search engines are looking for. This is more likely the reason why the web pages are always on top of Google search results.