Web Design Critique: www.beyondaword.com.au

Beyond a Word, a company located in Australia, offers customers personalized wall arts, word arts, canvas gifts or custom framed prints. They have a gallery composed of 25 typographic word art styles and more than 120 unique designs in their collection. Every product from the company is handmade and only quality materials are used. Let’s start critiquing the website.

User interface. Navigation is very important in an e-commerce site and that is what Beyond a Word brings to their visitors. First time visitors will know right away the purpose of each link and the call to action buttons’ purpose is also clear. The main navigation bar is located at the top of the homepage. Distinct sections are given a specific tab and subpages on categories are also provided accordingly.

User experience. The homepage is logically structured with contents flowing accurately. First time visitors will know right away the purpose of the page and what they are selling. Users can easily find what they want within the page, despite not having a search bar, because of categories provided through the navigation bar, the thumbnail images at the center and the links at the bottom.

Brand Recognition. Visiting all the pages of the website, the fond and colors of the brand are evident all over. There is cohesiveness in the design.

Loading Speed. There is no problem with loading each of the pages. Scrolling is also done smoothly and user will not experience hang-ups because of the overall effective design of the website.

Responsiveness. The website has a responsive design because it can be accessed in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The page adapted well with smaller screen size. The content flowed smoothly and there’s no breaking. Scrolling is as smooth as when using computer browser.

Calls To Action. One of the most obvious calls to action is seen right away at the home page of Beyond a Word. There is a “Contact Us” bubble located at the bottom of the screen and it moves with the page as you scroll down which obviously encourage visitors to take action.