Web Design Critique: Vimi’s Mobile Application Development Page

Today, we are reviewing Vimi particularly their mobile app development Singapore webpage.

Vimi and their services

Vimi was incorporated in 2011 having their head office in Thailand.

Mobile application development is just one of the services Vimi offers. They also design and develop brand, corporate and e-commerce websites. Aside from this, they produce blogging and newsletter services.

The mobile applications Vimi builds run in either iOS or Android depending on a client’s preference. The pricing for their apps start around $12,000. Their app projects take anywhere between 6 months to a year. They offer a warranty of 6 months for bug fixes and any post-launch support required on their application projects.

Webpage design and content

In the www.vimi.co/ios-android-app-development-singapore/ page, we can see how navigating to the page gives us 4 great sections.

They outlined why clients need to make use of apps and their rewarding features. Well, for me, apps are really the future of technology.

They also have a section about how the apps are going to be built. I like that they outlined their development process and methodology for a client’s reference. This is a way for them to set expectations and timelines aside from specifying how an app project’s process will run.

On the 3rd section, it is about the reasons for choosing them and their services.

Last but definitely not the least, the “Get your Instant App Quote” section. This is the best part of this whole page. I commend how they created a very thorough and detailed immediate pricing section!

Needless to say, the whole page easily transitions to its sections.

“Get your Instant App Quote” Section

As I mentioned earlier, this is the best part of the whole page and for reasons I will enumerate below.

• “Have a question?” link – This opens another form with their contact information without leaving a page. This is very convenient!

• “Our privacy policy” link – This gives an assurance from the company that they will keep any information entered on the form private. That is a great assurance for users!

• The App Quote form – I would like to reiterate again how this is very detailed. They listed all the possible features and inclusions that a client will want for their app. It is broken down into smaller sections for emphasis. Each small section has information and definition for non-technical clients complete with examples. They used radio buttons, check boxes and text boxes which are simple but very effective. They even added a Questions or comments section before the Get Instant Quote/Submit button.


I love their app development Singapore webpage. It functions on its purpose. It is simple yet very informative too.