Web Design Critique: Villasabaijai.com

It certainly does not make sense for someone who is in Europe to travel to Thailand without a hotel reservation. Since Koh Tao villa has a website, potential visitors can book directly through the site after browsing through the information provided. However, having a website is not enough; web design must be able to captivate the user to encourage him to continue on browsing the pages.

First impression

The panoramic view that has taken over the landing page can easily captivate the attention of the target audience. It is nearly impossible for a user not to continue browsing the site. The web designer used a very powerful image that looks sophisticated and classy to convince a user to book directly with the website. Many articles on web design discourage the use of dark background and white text. However, the way the site is designed sparks interest. The images of the villas are in full color and when you click on it, you will be treated to more detailed information.


One of the primary focus of attention is navigation. Many web designers put their creativity to work in creating the navigation bar; however, simple is usually easier because it makes the user instinctively know what to do. Clicking the links on the navigation bar leads the user to more detailed information about the villas and activities that can be experienced while in Koh Tao. However, even if the user does not click on the links, there is more than enough information provided on the homepage. Using customer reviews is a good idea but the reviews are quite long and it would be difficult to imagine the average user actually reading the testimonials in full.


Content is pretty overwhelming from my point of view. It would be a good idea to limit the number of text considering that there are other pages where the user can find the info he is seeking for. The images are high quality and should be the focus. The attention on the images is distracted by the amount of texts. Meanwhile, the website provides users with a pretty good idea on how beautiful Koh Tao villa looks as well the surroundings.