Web Design Critique: Tradies

Sutherland District Trade Union Club or more commonly known as Tradies is dedicated in providing support to members of the community by creating an enjoyable community with a room for development for everyone involved. One of their main goals is to reach the full potential of the community while maintaining sustainability. Today we are going to critique its website located in https://tradies.com.au/.

Loading speed. The loading time of the website’s homepage is quite fast. All the elements were able to load properly.

First Impression. The homepage looks professional. The layout is simple as well as the design. The important elements were able to stand out because of the plain white background used.

Navigation. It is easy to move around the website. The pages are located at the upper right side of the homepage. The font sizes used for the pages and menu are just right to be readable and noticeable among the other elements found on the page.

Design. When it comes to the website design, the one thing that stands out is the simplicity. It does not look like a generic website. It has its own flavour which conveys a professional vibe. The colour scheme used complements well with the background and the fonts. The images are also taken in a way that complements the aura of the website. Though there are three large images at the top half of the homepage, it does not monopolize the readers’ attention because of the toned down colours.

Layout and Content. The layout of the website is consistent upon checking out every page on the menu. The two column layout can be found in other pages as well while the three images in one header is also a common theme. The content of the website is quite relevant to its purposed. It is a trade union club after all so information regarding how to be a member and the community as a whole may be found on the website.

Overall, the website of Sutherland District Trade Union Club or Tradies is well-designed and professional looking. It catches the attention of the visitor and maintains it throughout the stay.