Web Design Critique: Titan Transline

First impressions last, as the old saying goes. And if that’s indeed the case, then Titan Transline, a Canadian logistics company that handles trucking in Hamilton, across the country, and across the border, makes a bold statement.

The first thing that’ll greet any visitor to the company’s site is the header, which contains the company logo; a bold side profile of a myrmidon; a Greek warrior. Fitting given the name, while also providing a striking logo and color scheme; black and red. Alongside the company logo, are links to the company’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as the company e-mail, and phone numbers, allowing interested people to immediately get in contact.

As for general layout, the site uses white background with black text, using red and a variety of images and logos to set things apart. This works well, for the most part, with the home page being the most notable example thanks to having a huge space reserved for a video showing off the company; its identity, its people, its purpose, that sort of thing. It adds a much needed human element to the site, though the home page does take an extra second or two to load as a result.

As mentioned before, the site makes good use of visual media to help get its point across, and provide a human element, though that is somehow dulled by the choice of muted colors in the images used.

Navigation is easy, as the header scrolls down with the browser, while a button that immediately brings the browser back to the top is also present. The site takes advantage of its vertical space as much as it can which means that there’s a fair amount of scrolling down, and few menus off to the side of pages. It isn’t an issue for the most part, except for the home page, which involves a lot of scrolling down.

Content itself is kept as short as it needs to be. Paragraphs are informative, and concise, and don’t overstay their welcome; no overbearing walls of text here. The big, bold font used for headings helps greatly with creating emphasis on certain parts of the body, too.

Overall, the site’s bold, striking, and well-presented, though it might’ve put a bit too much work into its home page