Web Design Critique: Systems Commercial Furniture

Systems Commercial Furniture is a furniture company located in Auckland. They offer customers the chance to order and purchase office furniture online without hassle. They have a wide range of residential and commercial furniture available including office seating, desk and workstations, storage solutions, tables, partitions and accessories among many others. They also offer fit-out services. Today we are going to critique their website at systemscommercial.com.

Having a good web design is important for businesses nowadays because this is the first thing that prospective customers search for online when they need to know more about the company and the products/services they are offering.

Loading Time. Either visiting the website by typing the web address or clicking through a link, the loading time is fast. This is important for an e-commerce website if they want customers to stay on the site longer and eventually order something. It can be attributed to the fact that there are no heavy elements on the site that could slow down the website. A fast loading website can compensate for the loading time in cases where the visitor’s connection is slow.

Content. Looking at the content of the website, it is aesthetically pleasing. A white background was used to highlight the texts and it brought out the large header images on top. If it was the other way around, meaning a black background and a white text on top, this would be unfortunate because the designer failed to realize that the eyes are strained faster with this layout. In the case of Systems Commercial Furniture, all texts are easy to read with the white background, right font and correct size.

Broken Link. A professional website must be maintained regularly. A poorly maintained site with broken links reflects how the company takes care of their products or offers their services. Upon checking, all links are working on the website and all images are loading properly.

Website’s purpose. The main reason the company created the website is for people to have a site to order office furniture online and they were able to accomplish this by providing an effective website with minimalistic design.