Web Design Critique: Rhenus Logistics

About Rhenus Logistics

Rhenus Logistics is the finest service provider of logistics services in the United Kingdom. Its services include project management, high technology warehousing, pre-stage and configuration centre, specialist transportation, installation, specialist freight, reverse logistics, data centre migration, European white glove solution, and IT management.

Searchability. When searching for the keywords www.rhenuslupprians.com, they do not appear in the Google search results. It’s server IP address could not be found as indicated when searching for the keywords.

Usability. The website is convenient to use for those who want to know about logistics services. The menu tabs that are arranged horizontally on top of the header are complete and give a more detailed information about the website www.rhenus-lupprian.com.

Navigation. The menus on top of the page are arranged horizontally but there are no drop-down menus being provided. The contents for each menu are placed below the webpage which makes it convenient for users to navigate as they don’t have to go back to the top page.

Design and layout. The website’s design is simple, but it gives a clear perspective about the company and its services. The pictures are animated but do not slow down the page. They display the company’s structure showing their personnel and the different equipment in the areas of their services. The colours are well mixed, though minimal. The video showing the conveying solutions being used is eye-catching to the user.

Contents. The website of Rhenus Logistics which caters to the different logistics needs of their clients in different countries cover many information that the online user wants to know. All information about the company and the services that are being offered are well stated which give the user a better understanding of the website.  The data privacy menu covers a wide area of data protection regarding logistics services. There is also a News menu that updates the clients for any development and activities the company is undertaking. The share page and print icons are also available which the online user can readily forward to his contacts and print the contents of the page if need be. There is also a search box for easier display of what the user wants to know.